Translations from English to German and German to English

Subject Fields:

Literature - novels, short stories, other prose texts
Cinema/Film - scripts, subtitling
Marketing and Advertising - website profiles, brochures, books, slogans
Business - business reports, public relation brochures, books, presentations
Tourism - websites and brochures for hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies
Legal - contracts, court papers, official documents and papers, certified translations (for the United States)
IT - manuals, texts/reports related to web technologies, computing and telecommunication
Engineering - manuals, texts/reports related to electrical, electronic and mechanical systems
Social Science - academic treatises, research projects, books, other texts
History - academic treatises, historical research projects, websites, books, incl. biographies
Politics - U.S and European Union texts, political science treatises, websites, books, other texts
Philosophy - treatises, biographies, websites, books, other texts
Religion - theological texts, websites, books, other texts with Christian content

I carry out translations in additional fields. Please inquire.

Native language: German
Second language: U.S. English (since 1986)
Austrian-born; U.S. resident since 1993

Master of Arts degree, Mass Communication, Bowling Green State University, 1992 (USA)
1st Diploma Certificate, Political Science and Mass Communication (comparable to Bachelor of Arts degree), Salzburg University, 1986 (Austria)

Professional Experience:
14 years as a translator and university instructor and 19 years as a resident of the United States have helped me perfect my language skills. I also "reconnected" with my native language and home country Austria when I lived and worked, exclusively as a translator, in Salzburg, from July 2008 - May 2009. Today, I keep up with cultural developments in Germany and Austria by watching German and Austrian TV programs on the internet, and I incorporate the information into my courses at the University of Toledo.

I collaborate with other translation experts and native speakers of German and English.

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Feel free to contact me via email or telephone:

Phone: +1 419 480 7277

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